Saturday, May 15, 2010

Speaking of Rugby...

Here's what I've learned about the game so far:

• In Ireland, there are four major teams for four provinces: Munster, Leinster, Ulster, and Connacht.

• A try is worth 5 points and is awarded when a player crosses the tryline at the end of the field and touches the ball to the ground.

• A conversion, worth 2 points, can be attempted after a try is scored. The kicker must place the ball between two posts at the end of the field.

• The game is played in two 40 minute halves.

• Players can only pass behind them.

• The “scrum” is the huddle in the middle of the field where the two teams push against each other to gain ground.

• The “hooker” is the most respected player on the team, and is in the center of the scrum.

• An old Irish Rugby joke- “It is the height of pride for a father when his son is the hooker for Munster. It is the height of shame for a father when his daughter is the hooker for Munster”.

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