Saturday, May 15, 2010

If you want to sing out, sing out

In school the past week, the kids had their trophy day for Irish dancing. Claire Grealey, 4 time world Irish dancing champion and alumni of Bawnmore National School, made a special visit to watch the students dance and hand out trophies. All of the kids were very excited :)

The students were devastated when they learned that I would be going home soon. They were all hoping that the Iceland volcano would erupt again and keep me from leaving. They all offered that I could stay at their houses... it was very sweet :)

Here are some popular Irish names:

For girls: Ciara (Keera), Aoife (Eefa), Niamh (Neeve), Órlaith (Orla), Róisín (Rosheen), Siobhan (Shivawn), Sinead (Shenade)

For boys: Darragh, Oisín (Osheen), Conor, Sean, Gerard, Mícheál (Meehawl)

In one class at school there are 2 Aoife's (Eefa), an Aeobhe (Ava) and an Aisling (Ashleen). Very confusing.

Some fun quotes from the classroom (I love listening to these kids talk. Imagine these in an Irish accent):

"Please don't make me go first, if I don't get one I like, I'll go cracked!"

"He's top class!"

(In a very dramatic voice) "Oh teacher, I've a terrible pain in my stomach!"

"You're from Indiana... do you know Indiana Jones?"

"Teacher, they're being bold!"

"He's takin' the micky out of me!"

... and the phrase I hear the most often: "teacher, can I go toilet?" (they ask me this in Irish as well, but don't ask me to say/spell it.)

In school the other day, I taught my kids the song "If You Want to Sing Out, Sing Out" by Cat Stevens. They still seem to love "Leaving on a Jet Plane" best though, I don't know why. They used to giggle at the kissing parts, but they've gotten a bit better about it.

As of yet, I still have not found a leprechaun or an Irish boyfriend, but there is still time...

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