Sunday, March 21, 2010


I'm really blessed to find a judo school here, because I've been told they're pretty rare. It's mostly boxing in Ireland. I went with Ru, and his age group meets right after Saoirse's. It was adorable watching all the little kids throwing each other around :) I was the oldest person there, aside from the instructor. We started out doing some warmups, and then got with a partner and repped some throws across the mat. I was kinda lost on some of it; most of the kids have been doing it for a while. They were really helpful though, and I was able to pick things up pretty quickly. I learned a new throw! Tai-otoshi. I need to brush up on the Japanese names for things :s After that, we just free-sparred with different partners- starting from standing up, and on our knees. I got rocked for the most part with throws, but I held my own on the ground. I wasn't expecting to groundfight as much as I did, and I guess that wasn't normal. Usually matches end with a hold of some kind, but I think the instructor added in some groundwork for my benefit. At the end of the day, I got thrown around a lot, got a few taps, and got a really good workout. It meets once a week for an hour, and it's less than five bucks! Not bad. I think this will be really good for my game.

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